Seven Questions before you buy HALT/HASS


You Should Ask Before You Decide To Buy

Your HALT/HASS System . . .

Can you guarantee the life of your vibration exciters and table?

Yes. Unconditionally for 3 years.    

Vibrators undergo a virtual torture test during HALT/HASS testing.  The vibrators must reliably impart repetitive shock impulses to a vibration table in order to provide a six-degree-of-freedom (6dof) vibration up to and exceeding 80 grms.  Indeed, the vibrators themselves are subjected the most strenuous HALT over their lifetime. 

For 20 plus years Hanse has conducted a continuous development of hi-rel, long life vibrators. We now offer the best vibrator warranty in the industry and guarantee our vibrators and tables unconditionally for 3 years.

 Do you have vibration energy at low frequencies?

Yes.  Since 1989, we have pioneered and introduced innovative and advanced HALT/HASS chambers to our customers.  Our latest and proven proprietary vibration table has a ceramic coating on its surface.  Its advanced design now provides a superior 6dof vibration spectrum that concentrates 90% of the vibratory energy in the 5 to 4,000 Hz range.  This eliminates expending energy in the higher and largely unproductive frequencies.  Additionally, gRMS is effectively equal in the x, y, and z axes assuring optimized excitation.

Do you have a limited range of HALT/HASS chamber models?

 No.  To the contrary.  While others have 2 or perhaps 4 standard models, Hanse has the largest standard line of HALT/HASS chamber systems in the industry. Eight (8) energy efficient 6dof vibration table models are available ranging in sizes from 12"x 12" upward to 70"x 70".

Can you provide customized HALT/HASS chamber systems?

Yes.  We are a very flexible manufacturer.  Hanse recognizes that our customers have specialized testing needs. We respond with customized solutions, whether HALT/HASS or other environmental test or manufacturing processing chamber systems.  We will even paint your chamber to match your preferences. Feel free to let us know your requirements.  We understand and respond to the challenge with a solution.

Are HALT/HASS Chambers energy efficient?   

Yes.    We have continuously improved operating efficiency.  We have reduced HALT/HASS chamber system operating energy consumption: liquid nitrogen, electrical, and air by 50%. Compare our specifications.

As a HALT/HASS industry pioneer and industry leader are you cost competitive?

Definitely.  Our continuing technological and manufacturing advancements have resulted in a continual cost reduction.  We pass this on to our customers. We have reduced the pricing on some models by as much as25%. Seeing is believing.  Please send us your requirements for a quotation.

Can you combine humidity as an added stress? 

Yes. We are perhaps the only US company to have achieved combined product thermal cycling, 6dof vibration and humidity. In addition we are a system integration company with more than 20 years experience.  We will provide and install not only combined environment  HALT/HASS chambers but the LN2 tank, vacuum jacket lines, regulators, and safeguards as well.  We are truly a one-stop shop for your testing needs.


These are but only seven of the many questions you should ask when considering buying a HALT/HASS chamber.  We stand ready to answer any questions you may have.

Further, we pride ourselves in our ability to support all our products worldwide.  As a result, we affirm our company policy, " We do not have customers, we only have friends."


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