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Hanse announces an industry first "three year unconditional warranty" for its repetitive shock vibrators. The vibrators produce 6dof vibration by repeatedly shocking the vibration table.  Accordingly they undergo  high stresses.  Hanse has improved the life of its vibrators as a result of more than 20 years of development.

The vibration controller also carries the three year unconditional warranty.  More HALT/HASS systems product improvements are on the way.

What We Make

Today we manufacture the largest standard line and what we believe to be the most advance performing HALT/HASS chambers in the industry. We have concentrated our engineering efforts to advance the state-of-the-art of HALT/HASS chamber performance.

In addition we design and manufacture specialized environmental chambers, (humidity, corrosive, temperature/humidity, etc.) with extreme performance requirements. Manufacturing processing equipment requiring environmental conditioning are also designed and manufactured. We take pride in providing an equipment response and solution to challenging requirements.

Since 1989, we have pioneered and introduced innovated and advance HALT/HASS chambers to our customers. Our latest, new, and proven proprietary vibration table has a ceramic coating on its surface.  Its advanced design now provides a superior 6dof vibration spectrum that concentrates 90% of the vibratory energy in the 3 to 5,000 Hz range.  This eliminates expending energy in the higher, and largely unproductive, frequencies. Additionally, gRMS is effectively equal in the x, y, and z axes assuring optimized excitation



VTC-6 Touch ScreenTouch ScreenHanse is proud to introduce one of the most advanced integrated touch screen systems on the market. It allows for complete chamber control from the touch panel.
It has advanced capabilities including:

  • 12 Channels of Vibration analysis maximum
  • 14 Thermal Couples of input maximum

Hanse Environmental, Inc. in cooperation with Samwell Testing (China) and Engineering Services (Mexico) held two seminars in China during March 2009.  The first seminar was in Beijing on March 17, 2009.  The second seminar was in Shanghai, March 20, 2009. Attendees at the seminars represented more than thirty companies who are seeking ways to design and build more reliable products for the markets they serve.

1.  Up to 100Grms 6DoF vibration (US Patent). This is twice that of the industry!
2.  50% reduction in air consumption for vibrators. This is a real cost savings.
3. Three year unconditional warranty for the vibration system and controller. Best in the industry.
4. New air plenum that reduces electrical and LN2 consumption. Our unique cyclonic air flow results in real utility cost savings.
5.  SCR control of heating elements. Adjusts heating KW to that required by thermal load and temperature change rate requirements.  This reduces electrical usage.
6.  We do not use a proprietary controller that is only available from Hanse. We use a Watlow Programmer/Controller affording ready access and support from the Programmer/ Controller manufacturer. Replacements are available worldwide.
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