Seven Deadly Sins of HALT

Since the early 1980's there has been much discussion regarding various approaches and methods in the use of environmental stress screening and Halt/HASS to markedly improve product quality and life.  Unfortunately, there was widespread misunderstanding and misapplication of the methodology . . . . and some still remains.  Accordingly, we have listed the "Seven Deadly Sins of HALT/HASS". 



The Problem

The short lifecycle of today's electronic products creates many pressures for rapid development and manufacture of new products, or product upgrades, in order to stay ahead in the competitive market place. Take for instance, the short model life of computers and printers. A new model appears every few months. Time-to-market is short, and customers expect the new models to work "out of the box" each and every time.

These pressures can result in compromised product development and/or manufacturing problems caused by part, process, and workmanship defects. The result is increased manufacturing costs, warranty costs, impacted profit margins, and sadly worse, customer dissatisfaction with resulting loss of market share. 

User Manuals and Support Documents

Halt ChamberIf you are looking for your user manuals and support documents for your chamber, look no further than our website!  We have been digitizing user manuals for both our chambers and their components. Below are a few links to them which can be found in our download section:

Read more to view all files currently available.

HanseView Remote Control


HanseView allow for remote control through text files. This can be done on local computer or via file sharing. Basic concept is that a command written to a text file is read by HanseView then executed and output placed to a text file.

This remote control capability allows for test stand integration. You can then use 1 of two models. Have test stand send set point commands or profile start stop commands to control chamber then read back current status. Other option is to have test stand read only status and react to conditions and time to perform necessary equipment test.

Seven Questions before you buy HALT/HASS


You Should Ask Before You Decide To Buy

Your HALT/HASS System . . .

3 Year Warranty for Hanse Vibrators

Hanse announces an industry first "three year unconditional warranty" for its repetitive shock vibrators. The vibrators produce 6dof vibration by repeatedly shocking the vibration table.  Accordingly they undergo  high stresses.  Hanse has improved the life of its vibrators as a result of more than 20 years of development.

The vibration controller also carries the three year unconditional warranty.  More HALT/HASS systems product improvements are on the way.

New Ceramic Vibration Table Top Introduced

Since 1989, we have pioneered and introduced innovated and advance HALT/HASS chambers to our customers. Our latest, new, and proven proprietary vibration table has a ceramic coating on its surface.  Its advanced design now provides a superior 6dof vibration spectrum that concentrates 90% of the vibratory energy in the 3 to 5,000 Hz range.  This eliminates expending energy in the higher, and largely unproductive, frequencies. Additionally, gRMS is effectively equal in the x, y, and z axes assuring optimized excitation



Hanse can now offer humidity stress as an option to its complete line of eight standard HALT/HASS models.  This is in addition temperature cycling and 6dof vibration.

Humidity is a critical stress for many electronic products.  Hanse is pleased to be the first company in the US to offer this advanced combined environmental stress. It is the result of Hanse's continuing product development program.



Turnkey Systems

ESS, HALT/HASS, and other fast change rate chambers typically require the use of liquid nitrogen (LN2 ) systems instead of conventional electrical power in order to achieve the high product temperature change rates. These systems may be unfamiliar to customers and require specialized knowledge, tanks, and piping, and control systems.

In cooperation with our strategic alliance partners, we can provide you with a single source for all your test/stress chamber requirements. From start to finish we will provide you with a fully integrated test system.


+ +






Contact us and let us put our experience to work for you.

Vibration Systems

Vibration Systems Summary Specifications

The Hanse 6Dof Vibration system consists of a specially designed table with pneumatic actuators underneath. The system can generated up to 100 Grms over a frequency range of 5 to 10,000 Hz in three axes and rotational about each axis. Nine standard models are available ranging from 1 to 36 square feet.

Full SystemWe offer both complete ready to run units with sound enclosures or as upgrade or retrofit for your existing chamber.


  • Tri-Axial Vibration: Six-Degree-of-Freedom (6DoF) Vibration, non-coherent broadband vibration 5-10,000Hz
    • New 100 gRMS In select models.
    • Ceramic-Coated Vibration Table with 90% of vibration energy in 5-4000Hz for maximum energy in low frequency range.
    • Ultra-Hi vibration performance option in Models V-16 and 25.
    • Equalized gRMS in x,y,z axes and rotation about roll, pitch, and yaw axes.*


  • Programmable Vibration Control: Programmable vibration ramps, gRMS level, and test duration all synchronized with the optional temperature controller.
    • Four (4+) accelerometers can be monitored simultaneously with optional analyzer.


  • HanseViewTM: System control of temperature and vibration. Control, Control/Analyzer, and Control/Analyzer/Data Logger options.
  • Vibration Fixtures: Specially designed for HALT/HASS applications.
    • Metric or English Layout (4 in or 100 mm square bolt pattern)


Model Specifications

Contact us and let us put our experience to work for you.

*With in 20% on table top

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