Hanse View Updates

For our customers with HanseView,  you may now get your updates through our website.

We like to keep our customers running the most current version of HanseView. This will avoid any known problems that have already been resolved in new versions.

After you receve your login info, go to the downloads area and navigate to HanseView. Download the compressed file, execute, and update. Please read installation notes before updating, as features have been added that need configuration.



HanseView Remote Control


HanseView allow for remote control through text files. This can be done on local computer or via file sharing. Basic concept is that a command written to a text file is read by HanseView then executed and output placed to a text file.

This remote control capability allows for test stand integration. You can then use 1 of two models. Have test stand send set point commands or profile start stop commands to control chamber then read back current status. Other option is to have test stand read only status and react to conditions and time to perform necessary equipment test.

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