Ultrasonic Humidification Systems

System Description

The humidification systems provided with Hanse Environmental, Inc. chambers utilize the latest in ultrasonic nebulization principles to generate the moisture required in the chamber. The ultrasonic nozzle uses air and water under pressure. Atomized water leaving the nozzle is hit by the air reflected by the resonator as sound waves.  It is then nebulized into very small particles, like a fog, and rapidly absorbed by the air. The resonator is adjusted at the factory for maximum atomization and proper fog pattern. The fog pattern can be narrowed by moving the resonator further from the nozzle tip, and conversely, widened by moving the resonator closer to the tip.

The water used in the humidification system can be demineralized by the optional  D.I. bottle. In addition, a water quality light is included to monitor the quality of the water generated by the D.I. bottle. The D.I. bottles are a mixture of bed resin that contains positive and negative charged resins.  These resins remove the minerals from the water. The D.I. bottle supplied with the Hanse Chamber is a 1 cubic foot bottle.

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