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Introducing ED-HALT
           Hanse Environmental will be introducing ED-HALT vibration into their integrated high...
3 Year Warranty for Hanse Vibrators
Hanse announces an industry first "three year unconditional warranty" for its repetitive shock vibrators. The vibrators produce...
What We Make
Today we manufacture the largest standard line and what we believe to be the most advance performing HALT/HASS chambers in the...

Welcome to Hanse Environmental Inc. 

For 25 years we have been a global supplier of Environmental Stress Systems, HALT/HASS, specialized environmental chambers, environmental processing systems, and six-degree-of-freedom vibration systems.  We have concentrated our engineering efforts to continually improve our products.  The result is system performance that leapfrogs the industry and we can provide you with a complete turnkey integrated testing system. 

Today, we manufacture the largest standard line of what we believe to be the most advanced performing HALT/HASS chambers in the industry. We have concentrated our engineering efforts to advance the state-of-the-art of HALT/HASS chamber performance.

Eight models are standard.  Customized configurations are available also. Temperature cycling and six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) vibration systems are available in eight stand-alone models

In addition, we design and manufacture specialized environmental chambers (humidity, corrosive, temperature/humidity, etc.) with extreme performance requirements.We also design and manufacture manufacturing processing equipment which requires environmental conditioning.  We take pride in providing not only an equipment response, but also a solution to many challenging requirements.

I would like to personally invite your inquiry.

Sincerely,  Peter K Hanse

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HanseView Remote Control

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Native RTL Support

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